Ways to Jazz up our Weight Loss Soups from Chef Morgen McGlone

Ways to Jazz up our Weight Loss Soups from Chef Morgen McGlone


I love to add high protein items such as Smoked Turkey or roasted chicken, steamed fish lean beef. Best way to cook these proteins is either quick searing in a hot pan or steamed. Flaked fish or smoked salmon can also be a great add on for your soup. Steamed and or pan fried prawns can work a treat too.

Spices and Seasoning:

Spice combinations are endless, but I love seasonings such as Old bay salt or shiitake mushroom salt/seasoning. Also, I love to add pinches of my favourite spices such as smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and celery salt.


Condiments can turn that soup into something extraordinary. I love Tabasco sauce especially the green chilli version and chipotle version. Lao gan ma is another excellent condiment which will add a delicious depth of flavour. Also, a simple dash of Worcestershire sauce can give you that delicious anchovy balance to round out your soup. Also love a spoon of Pesto which is easy to make.

Vegetables, Pulses and Tofu:

I love to add fresh greens such a s spinach , kale and even shredded iceberg lettuce to my broth style soup. Cauliflower and Broccoli also can be added and that will help bulk up your soup portion. Also diced and cook carrots, zucchini and potato are delicious. Tinned Red kidney beans or chickpeas are incredible add-ons to your soup to add flavour and make it a bigger complete meal. Last but not least chopped tofu or Korean style silken tofu is another angle at which we can add flavour and great texture to our soups


Another excellent way to add structure and flavour to our soups. I personally love Green shallots , parsley , tarragon, and coriander the secret is to add them just before serving to extract the maximum amount of flavour.

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