A tasty soup every other day.

Every Other Day powdered soups were cooked up by Chef Morgan McGlone, following his own successful weight loss journey incorporating soups into his lifestyle.


Louise is an active gym member, using weight sessions to lean out for her upcoming Bali trip. She seized the opportunity to support her body leaning goals to feel her best in a bikini with an easy, stress-free strategy. As she was wanting to really build muscle, Louise added her favourite proteins to each soup – prawns, chicken, tofu and added even more veggies to increase her fibre and nutrient content. Although when she was rushing and had no time – skipping these steps didn’t matter due to the full nutrient panel our soups provide! Win, win.


A new mum - Rosie wanted to lose her baby weight. She had been finding it hard to get motivated and didn’t have time to cook the grab-n-go, wholesome, nutritious foods that she needed to support weight loss goals. Having the soups there ready to grab in between caring for her newborn meant she didn’t have to worry about not getting all of her nutrients in – we did that for her.  She added some complex carbs like brown rice, lean protein and veggies to the soups to increase her energy balance for breastfeeding.


Hannah was out of routine and wanted to feel better mentally, and physically. Embarking on the EOD soup subscription meant having a routine that she stuck too. She added protein such as chicken to the broths with some complex carbohydrates to support her strength training. Having the soups at her fingertips with no preparation needed saw her opting for this healthier option, rather than takeaways after a long day at work.


James had recently started a new job and didn’t have much spare time or brain power outside of this to dedicate himself to a strict health regime. He used EOD soups as a stress free, easy strategy to support his weight loss goals whilst not compromising on his professional dedications and full social life! Having a long workday, followed by a couple of beers with the team – he could go home and simply prepare a portion of the meal replacement soup. This meant he could balance out the beers calories whilst still getting a full nutritional meal to fill him up and provide him with a full mineral and vitamin panel, probiotics, and protein.


A busy student on a budget Jack used EOD soups to ensure he was consuming good quality and nutritionally replate meals on a budget. With each soup costing around $5, he could add a cheap protein to the soup and sustain himself whilst having leftover money in his pocket for his lifestyle. As he was training for a swim competition, having the meal replacements or the broths with added protein meant he was giving his body all the vitamins, minerals and protein it needed to support recovery and energy, whilst building muscle and toning his body.

Quality Soups Made in Sydney